10am Service can be found here

Arrangements for Sunday:

Click on one of these links: Facebook, Youtube (If the youtube link doesn’t work then try here.) Send us an email if you would like a link to Zoom (it may or may not happen).

StJohns now has its own YouTube channel.

Links will continue to be posted here so that won’t affect you if you just click from here. If you want to browse on youtube then you can find the channel using the above link. (We sere using Steve’s before.)

COVID- 19 No “physical church services” at St Johns

St Johns has been required to close our public services and any organised physical gatherings.

If you listened to the prime minister then you will know that churches need to shut their doors. The doors to the St Johns church building on the corner of Melville and Victoria Streets are indeed closed but our hearts are open!

Below you will find the livestream recording of our church service from last Sunday (22 March) and I hope that the service from 29th March will appear here sometime after 11am on Sunday. There will be a further notice with more details. I hope that we might do a youtube, facebook or zoom livestream (or all three!) of the service. Look here for a link. If we do youtube then it will be on the same channel as the videos below hopefully going online a little before 10am Sunday 22 March. Stay tuned!

You will also see below that I am recording daily morning and evening prayer services. These are available on YouTube as I record them with a link from here.

My hope is to deliver a prayer book to every family so that you can follow along. Let’s see if we can make that happen.

Church services are not all that we offer, but we need to get organised in a way that we can provide care for one another. We are working on that at the moment. The best way to contact us at the moment is through our email address stjohnswestbrunswick@gmail.com.

(Apologies for the formatting and grammar and spelling. I’m still learning wordpress, although I can’t blame wordpress for spelling and grammar!)

About Us

We are a group of diverse local people who Love Jesus and are passionate about our community. We love to get together on Sundays and often bump into one another in the local shops or on the tram. We love music – some of us can play quite well – but we all love to sing our hearts out! We warmly welcome all to join our diverse community whether it is our Sunday meeting, English Conversation Corner or the cheapest and best Op Shop in the world!! We follow Jesus and would love you to join our community as we journey together.

Our Values

  • Love
  • Community
  • Worship
  • Inclusiveness