Join us for worship this Sunday (November 20) at 10am!

This Sunday in Practical Faith, Richard preaches James 5:13-20 Prayer and Care.

Simpson & Donkey | Peter Corlett 1988

Today we conclude our current series with a sermon exploring James as he writes on the wrong use of our tongues (1:26, 3:1-12) and the right use – to pray for one another, sing songs of praise, and confess our sins. And if James is writing to encourage Christians to persevere in the midst of trials (1:2-7) so he also encourages us to look out for those whose struggles have caused them to leave the flock, and to bring them back into fellowship with Christ.

Join us for worship this Sunday (November 13) at 10am!

This Sunday in Practical Faith, Richard preaches James 4:13-5:12  Learning Patience. This is a Holy Communion service. St Johns AGM will follow.

This Sunday’s reflection on James is pertinent for St Johns as we approach our Annual General Meeting, and look back on the past and forward to the year ahead. What does it mean for us to plan for the future, when we “do not even know what tomorrow will bring” (James 4:14)? How can we sit lightly to the riches of this world and make sure we’re using our money justly (James 5:4)? What does it mean for us to learn patience as we wait for the coming of our king?