(This page is a work in progress. It contains news from around the parish that has also been included in our Gratis newssheet)

23 May News

St John’s Update

In this Update

  1. Live vs Pre-recorded Services
  2. Sunday Service 23 May
  3. The Lord’s Supper by Zoom
  4. Zoom Coffee
  5. Volunteers to help with services and a COVID officer for StJohns. 

Live vs Pre-recorded Services

As you know, last Sunday we tried a live broadcast which had some connection issues. We also had 6 people in the building for a service on Wednesday. There are a lot of government requirements that we need to comply with for holding services in the building and at this point I found it too difficult. 

The first thing that we need to do is to appoint a COVID officer who will help us to comply. If you are willing to serve in this way please let me know on stjohnswestbrunswick@gmail.com

It is almost certain that for the next few months we will need to upload our services whether they are live or not. This is because we wont all be able to return to the building until 80 people are allowed and I think that will be at least a few months away. 

I am looking for volunteers to read the Bible, lead the service, and do prayers so please let me know if you are willing to serve in this way stjohnswestbrunswick@gmail.com.

Sunday Service

The pre-recorded service will be uploaded to facebook and YouTube shortly. As we have done previously, there will be a Watch Party on Facebook so that we can watch together in sync. Otherwise you can find a link on our website or on youtube (www.stjohnswestbrunswick.org.au).

The Lords Supper by Zoom

This week we will have zoom communion at the point in the service where communion is happening. You will need to have some bread and wine (grapejuice) ready and if there are two people in your house you can serve one another. Len will speak to each person over zoom as they take the bread and the wine.  The zoom details have been sent by email.

Volunteers needed

To recap 

  • We need a COVID officer 
  • read the Bible, 
  • lead the service
  • do prayers 

Help and training can be provided, especially with making an audio or video. Please let me know if you are willing to serve in any of these ways by email stjohnswestbrunswick@gmail.com or give me a call or text on 0435 097 077

May 20 News

Due to Covid 19, we are not currently meeting at church but there are lots of ways you can connect and stay in touch each week. 
Our 10 am Sunday service as well as daily morning and evening prayers are online on Facebook and YouTube. The St Johns website has links and details. Various other groups are meeting during the week by phone or Zoom.


DailyMorning/Evening prayer onlineapprox. 7 am and 5pm
MondayHome group via Zoom7 pm
TuesdayHome group via Zoom7.30 pm
ThursdayHome group via Zoom7.30 pm, 1st and 3rd weeks
FridayYouth group via Zoom6.30 pm
SundayFamily service online10am
 After church coffee via Zoom11 am
 Prayer via Zoom -monthly5pm – first Sunday/month

Op Shop is currently closed but looking forward to reopening when possible

Home Groups.
Several home groups are meeting weekly or fortnightly by Zoom. The contacts for the groups are –
Monday evening weekly – David Jones
Tuesday evening weekly – Ena and Alan Grant
Thursday evening fortnightly – Clarissa and Lindsay Wilson.
If you would like to join any of these groups, please contact the hosts directly or let the office know and we can put you in contact. Alternatively, you may like to start a small group or just a small group for prayer or keeping in touch.


  • Pray for our church community at this time – especially for those who are recovering from illness or accident and for those who may be more alone in this time of isolation.
  • Pray for wisdom for those in leadership locally and nationally as restrictions are lifting and next steps are considered.
  • Pray for Steve, Len and Fred in their respective ministries at this demanding time.

Since we can’t as yet share together with side prayers after communion, if you would like specific prayer on any matter, please contact Steve who can arrange for someone to pray for or with you. Please let Steve know if the matter is confidential.
Sunday School – Help Needed.
We need some help with Sunday school during Covid 19. There are 2 jobs for which we need volunteers;
1.Picking up craft bags from Reservoir and delivering hem to families in the Brunswick/Essendon area on a Saturday.
2. Writing and filming a short kids spot for the Sunday service. You’ll require a Working with Children registration.
If you can help in any way please contact Katherine at katherinewilson1233@hotmail.com. 
Church members have an opportunity to receive spiritual communion

 For the last 2 Sundays we have had the opportunity to participate in a virtual communion reception. This is a communion service using Zoom with participants providing their own bread and wine,but receiving them after the words of the Holy Communion thanksgiving with each person receiving being spoken to personally. This takes place with the broadcast Sunday Morning service with a pause at the time of reception. If you are interested, please contact Len (contact details on front page of the Gratis).  
Would you like to gain confidence in sharing the gospel?

 Len is preparing material to help individuals and groups who would like to assist others to come to faith in Jesus Christ. So, if you or your small group are interested please contact Len whose details are on the front page of Gratis. Also, any members or friends who would like to investigate the Christian faith or prepare for Baptism or confirmation please let him know.
Working Bee? Kind of!

 For reasons that don’t need stating, we have not had a working bee at St Johns for a while. We still can’t have a proper one, but there are jobs that need doing. Parish Council suggests that if you are willing and able you go with your family or a small group of friends and do an hour or two’s work at the church. Jocelyn is coordinating: choose a time that suits you, let her know when you will be there, and afterwards what job you did. If people are working inside we need to clean surfaces after they finish, allow an hour between groups, and keep a log of who has been in the building.
If you go with people who are not in your household please remember to keep distance between you, and clean your hands frequently, particularly  if sharing any equipment.
Outside tasks: weeding, pruning, sweep concrete, take dumped material to the waste transfer station, wash windows.
Indoors tasks: tidy and freshen-up pin-up boards, tidy Sunday school cupboards and throw away broken equipment, same for cupboard by the children’s drawing table, wash windows.
Please let Jocelyn know of any other work that needs doing. Ph 0406 323 785, email- stjohnswardens55@gmail.com 
If this doesn’t work we can choose a date for a ‘socially distanced’ working bee together, where people from different households work in different areas of the site, and wave, smile and call to each other while keeping at least 1.5 m apart
Even though we can’t meet in person we still need to cover our costs. Thank you to those who continue to give by direct debit. Bank details are as follows if you need them:
National Australia Bank 083-202 Account 51 527 7631
If you normally give directly on Sundays and would like to continue to give, please contact the office and we can arrange this for you.
Church Office
Our church office is mostly unattended at present. However, if you call and leave a phone message or email, someone will get back to you if needed. Phone- 9380 1465. Email- stjohnswestbrunswick@gmail.com
Monthly Magazines Online
If you normally take and read a copy of “The Melbourne Anglican” or “Eternity”, these magazines are both available online and the links are listed below.

April 28

Message from Steve.

Welcome to our COVID-19 edition of Gratis! The parish council are keen to keep everyone up to date and to assist our community to stay in touch with one another at this time. We hope to produce this (or something similar) on a regular basis, as well as having information available on the website which is the best place to go for information – www.stjohnswestbrunswick.org.au. 

I do pray for you and it’s been great to join with many of you in morning and evening prayers on Facebook, YouTube and via DVD (see the website for more information). It has also been great to talk to many of you in the zoom coffees that have been held after church. The parish council have been very helpful in helping us all to stay connected and to find out what needs there are that we can help with. 

Do stay in touch and let us know how we can help and do try to stay in touch with others, so that we are caring for one another.  I hope to see many of you on Sunday as well as at our daily prayers.

Since we can’t share together with side prayers after communion, if you would like specific prayer on any matter, please contact Steve who can arrange for someone to pray for or with you. Please let Steve know if the matter is confidential.

New Treasurer

After 2.5 years of faithful service Stuart Colvin is stepping down as treasurer at the end of April. Tom Weston will commence in this role in May and was appointed at the parish council meeting in April. Please join in thanking Stuart for his careful and diligent work over the last few years and in welcoming Tom to this role


Peter Adam’s Daily Prayers Click the link or go to this page:

Vicar Emeritus