James’ letter to the early church is full of practical teaching, and James uses questions, illustrations and startling statements to help his readers understand what it means to live the Christian life amidst uncertainty. We encourage all parishioners to use the series guide, and read the passage ahead of each Sunday service.

This week we continue our sermon series Practical Faith: Lessons from James with Brett Bond preaching James 2:1-13: No Favouritism.

Coming Up

October 23 Lindsay Wilson on James 2:14-26  Faith that Works

October 30 Tom French on James 3:1-18  Taming Our Tongues

November 6 Lindsay Wilson on James 4:1-32  Dealing with Conflict

November 13 Richard Trist on James 4:13-5:12  Learning Patience

November 20 Gordon Preece on James 5:13-20 Prayer & Care

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