Daniel’s vision of the four beasts emerging from the sea (from L to R): 1. Lion with eagle’s wings, 2. Three-fanged bear, 3. Four-winged leopard, 4. A ten-horned beast with iron teeth “different than any other.” Hands from heaven grasp the wings of the first beast representing the divine judgment. Artist: Luigi Sabatelli, 1809. Rijksmuseum.nl

This Sunday Pentecost 7 is a Holy Communion Service. Today we continue our sermon series Kingdoms in Conflict (from the book of Daniel) and Gordon preaches Daniel 2, A Defining Dream.

Although God’s people had been defeated by the Babylonians, all was not lost. God was still on his throne and “sovereign over the kingdom of   mortals” (Dan 4:17). Throughout our series we will be inspired by heroes of faith, mystified by strange visions and prophecies and, above all,  reminded of the greatness of God and his kingdom that will never pass away. May these studies in Daniel be a blessing to us all.

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